Arrowtown Choppers

The Arrowtown Choppers are a volunteer group dedicated to the eradication of the wilding conifers and native revegetation work around Arrowtown.

Over the last eight years the volunteers have cleared over 100 hectares of wilding trees and re-planted over 15,000 native trees, including Beech, Totara, Ribbonwood and Kowhai.

Our Goal

The long-term goal of the Arrowtown Choppers is to see natural forest regeneration behind Arrowtown. This includes the introduction of key missing native forest species that were once present. This in turn will help increase the habitat for a range of native birds, lizards, and insects, enriching our biodiversity.

The hills behind Arrowtown have some of the highest densities of falcon in the country due to our mosaic of shrubland, tussock grassland, and beech forest. Small bird species like miromiro/tomtits, piwakawaka/fantails, and korimako/bellbirds help provide a food source for karearea/falcon parents and chicks. In combination with Predator Free Arrowtown, we hope to eventually establish enough forest so that other birds like kea, kaka, and robin can eventually be reintroduced to the area.

Funding and Donations

We offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to provide funding to the Arrowtown Choppers. If you’d like more information about supporting the Arrowtown Choppers in this way, or how to make a donation, please email us at

Our Projects

Clearing of Wilding Pine

Over 100 hectares of Wilding Pines cleared from around the Sawpit Gully Track. This doesn't include the work undertaken by Arrowtown Wilding Group.

Beech Party Planting Days

17,000 trees planted around the Sawpit Gully track. See you in October 2024 for the next one.

Bush Creek Rejuvenation Project

Working closely with Arrowtown School and the Arrowtown Scout Group to plant over 4,500 trees in Bush Creek.

Community Nursery

Tobin's Plateau

Conservation Corridor